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  • Over 44% of caregivers are afraid to tell their employer about their care at home. ​ ​

  • More than half are women.

  • The impact on these caregivers lives, financial well-being and careers is significant


Confident Businesswoman

Do you Care?

The cost impact to employers exceeds $33 Billion annually 

Yet less than 10% of employers offer an eldercare benefit! 

The average family caregiver in the US spends:

Parent and Child at the Supermarket

13 days each month on shopping, food preparation, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, and giving medication

Haircut Smiles

6 days per month on daily assistance activities such as dressing, grooming, walking, and bathing

Woman on the Phone

13 hours per month researching healthcare information, coordinating physician visits, or managing financial matters

A comprehensive solution for caring employers

LyfLynks combines a curated network of services with a mobile application and a 24/7 call center to support and simplify every aspect of family caregiving.

Legal Research and Writing

Reducing time spent researching and coordinating services

Blood pressure reader

Monitoring and alerts for critical health indicators

Bullet Journal

Organizing appointments, medications, and records

A technology-enabled human platform

Click play below to see how it works.

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